Shaped Business Cards

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Any Shape Business Cards


Custom die cut business cards let you design the shape of your cards according to your business and products. Cars, clothes, cats, or crafts can be the shape of your fun and effective personalized custom die cut business cards! Available in a variety of standard business card sizes!

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Circle Business Cards


The circle is an ideal shape for putting emphasis on certain points of interest. The best way is to put business logos on one side and contact information on the other side. Many logos are round and you can use the shape of a circle business card to reinforce this branding.

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Half-circle Business Cards


Half Circle Business Cards are Customizable, and Writable Use the cards to let people know about your company, products, and overall brand. Carry them in a wallet or case to hand out to prospective clients, send them out in mailers, or set them on your desk for people to take as desired.

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Leaf Shaped Business Cards


If you're stuck between choosing straight edges and rounded corners, leaf-shaped cards are the perfect choice for you. With round corners on one side, straight edges on the other, you get to have both in one card!

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Oval Shaped Business Cards


Oval business cards are die cut into a rounded oval shape to provide a way to stand out from other business cards

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Square Business Cards


Our 2" x 2" square business cards have rounded corners and are printed in full color. From glossy to matte, we offer a wide range of thick and premium paper stocks to choose from.

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